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TOPIC: Dodge Ram 1500, 5.7L V8, Mod.2015

Dodge Ram 1500, 5.7L V8, Mod.2015 02 Mar 2019 11:28 #25

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oh boy...one or both of us is confused, and that needs to get rectified.
The PCV valve is generally on a valve/rocker cover, and the hose from the valve is connected to the intake manifold (vacuum source). pull the hose off the intake, and cap the manifold vacuum source.
the valve can be left in place, and that hose should get T-connected to the breather line - the hose between the air intake tube and the other (opposite bank) valve/rocker cover in a V-engine. If you can open up the inside diameter of those hoses - i went from 5/16' to 3/4" - ESPECIALLY if there is a way for you to eliminate the valve that was actuated by engine vacuum and replace it with a simple fitting for the hose - the blowby gasses should/will get recycled into the intake of the engine in a much more passive way.
I'm going to try to find a diagram/picture to post...

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Dodge Ram 1500, 5.7L V8, Mod.2015 03 Mar 2019 07:24 #26

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Kim wrote: Dear All
Thanks for the comments!

Ignition coil: All 16 sparkplugs fires at he same time. This was changed by Doge as of 2013???
Error messages: No check engine light. Just TB error code and Park sense.
MAF sensor: No MAF sensor just an IAT as it looks like.
Sensors pertaining to engine timing : No clue how to do that. I am not directly a car guy.
Sparks: increased gap quite some time ago.
Yes I used a business card and watched to keep a thin mark where the idle supposed to be as done in the videos.

Capped of the PCV at the manifold below the TB now for the moment I left the other side at the PCV open for testing
We got freezing and windy -9 degrees C and I am doing everything outside since I do not have a garage or a compfy place to work in.

Engine runs now at 2000RPM smoothly
Sorry no pics. I have limited and unstable internet access. Last pic I send to Ron fail 5 times finally I was successful, (I think), but it cost me a quarter of my monthly contingent of internet MB. Before I was using the companies internet, (PSSSSSSSST don't tell anybody), was much easier and faster.

freezing Kim

Kim, like most people, it appears you're due to go over the manual again. And maybe read up on how an internal combustion engine works. If all spark plugs fired at the same time, there would be no rotation. But there WOULD be metal fragments blowing out the side of your engine!

And for the REST of you, please do a short check on the web for any instructions you share. On this engine, the PCV valve is actually (from the front) to the left and inserts directly into the intake manifold. No hoses. With this, you simply CLEAN IT FIRST, then fill in the holes with a little daub of JB-Kwik.

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