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Talk about those who have helped you the most. If you want to share the love about someone who's not already here, let Ron or Nick know and we'll add a topic in their name!
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I talked to Ron yesterday the 15th. He needs help!!! He is one month away from closing everything related to the Gadgetman Groove and being homeless!!! We can't let this happen. All Ron wanted to do is help the world with better fuel efficiency and help out individuals that wanted to do this as a full time job or a part-time job.

This was my goal. I have a 4 month old son now. His name is Liam. I want to provide for him in any way I can. That's what gets me excited for the Gadgetman Groove. I can bring in money on the side for my family and help out car owners with increasing fuel mileage, more power and reduced emissions. It's a WIN/WIN situation. I also wanted my wife to stay home with Liam and not have to work while I go to school.

You can call up your local radio stations to advertise for the Gadgetman Groove. Send donations to Ron. Also if you are a Gadgetman or Gadgetgal send the royalty payments in to Ron. I plan on advertising and putting local ads up here in my hometown. Also I will be contacting radio stations to advertise the Gadgetman Groove. I will also be contacting Coast to Coast AM.

We can't let this go away especially now with gasoline prices getting higher and higher every year.

I hope you can help out Ron. Thank you.

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