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TOPIC: 1999 Lincoln Navigator USA 5.4l Calif. emissions

'99 Lincoln Navigator USA 5.4l Calif. emissions 14 Nov 2013 22:50 #1

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Yesterday I Grooved a '99 Lincoln Navigator, 5.4 liter V8, Calif. emissions spec engine.

As I suspected, again, these late 90's-early 2000's Ford V8 TB's are cake to Groove! :P

Cable-drive, very easy R/R, large bit w/ no breakthru, checked w/ flashlight, JB Weld not necessary. I used a shallow angle, tried to keep it between 17-22deg. Concentrated on tool/bit control, avoiding "penciling", cutting w/moderate pressure. Kept tool cool/lubed with some used pwr.steering fluid in a rattle can cap. I disconn. the batt. cables, cleaned the grungy batt. term's and battery top, connected the loose cables w/ alligator clip wire, turned key and headlights on to drain ECM adapt. memory. Left it this way while I did the Groove job.

I began examining the vac.hoses/tubes and pulled the top black vac. hose off the intake right behind the TB. IT was a y-junction of 2 tubes one lead down to another junction of more tubes. This vac. source lead to more than one place so I just re-installed it. So no PCV re-route, for now anyway.

Tail pipe went from very stinky to almost totally clean after re-learn drive. 113K miles on this clean example. Owner (my cousin & his wife, some of the best people around! :cheer:) noticed the additional power right off idle. He said the O2's are original, so I let him know that more good can be had from replacing them.

This Navigator responded very well, I felt added power immediately in first 100 feet of re-learn drive even at 10 MPH! Soon as I got to the 25MPH start/stop part I could tell the difference without doubt, and I felt I had another winner. :woohoo: I had driven across town to bring the big Lincoln to my "shop".

Will post feedback on MPG results as I get them. Power and tailpipe smell are both decidedly better.

Meantime I'm gonna hunt for more Fords. :evil: Other Gadgetfolks--look for these Ford 2 barrel TB engines, an easy Groove job! :P And use scantool if avail. to see how sensors/O2's are acting.

Tracy G
Tracy Gallaway
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