TOPIC: 2003 Ford Focus ZX3 2.0L plastic TB w/ IAC port restriction

'03 Ford Focus ZX3 2.0L plastic TB w/ IAC port restriction 16 Jan 2016 18:30 #25

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Greg, look at it THIS way. Imagine we discover a Time Machine, and it's set to the early winter of 1846. Location: Donner Lake California. It wasn't yet called Donner Lake, though, 'cause the Donner Party had just started their winter ordeal there, that would see about 40 members die of cold and starvation. The survivors had to resort to cannibalism of some of the dead to survive. In spring of 1847 rescue parties reached the emaciated survivors, the story got out, and the Lake got it's name later...

I've visited Donner State Park before, it's only about 30 miles west of here next to Truckee Calif. There are a few dead pine tree stumps to see in one of the Party's encampment areas. These stumps are cut off about 8 feet in the air, cause that's how deep the snow got that terrible winter.

So here's the deal: There is enough room in the time Machine to take you and I, your dad's snow blower, 2 five gallon jerry cans of gas, and a few boxes of freeze dried food, and supplies. You have to Groove the snow blower right before we go back in time, go and dig the Donner Party out, leave the supplies for 'em, and return w/ the blower and gas cans. We will figure the story out while we're there to explain to the folks both there, and back in the Present. No Pressure on ya or Anything... I mean we're just going to go and alter History, see...? :huh: :blink: ;) There's instructions on how to dialate the Time Stream in the Machine, so we will be there for days, but only be gone long enough Here to get it all done before your Pop gets back. Bring warm clothes.... ;) :cheer: :whistle:

(Tracy ducks as Greg slings a Gas Can at him...)

Oh, and we're gonna tell the Donner Party folks, that in exchange for saving their bacon, to start calling the lake Gadgetman Lake. I'm sure they will understand.... :woohoo: I wonder what the signs at the lake will say when we get back...?

And Filipp, see, we don't have much Imagination or anything, this Gadgetman stuff is cool and Easy!

Tracy G
Tracy Gallaway
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