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TOPIC: ECU/ECM hacking/Sensor modification link - bookmark it!

ECU/ECM hacking/Sensor modification link - bookmark it! 22 Feb 2019 10:45 #1

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I may have posted this in another thread/topic, but I feel it bears it's own post for posterity, if not visibility.
At one point or another, if we haven't already, we're going to be contending with vehicle electronics and the computers in cars, and that may mean sensor "deception" or as I prefer to refer to it, re-calibration.
Some of us have relocated our MAP sensors; some of us have improved on the gains from applying the Groove and it's associated tweaks, and some of us may not have. If the reason for the latter is the sensor is now reporting values outside of the range the computer expects to see (which may or may not mean you got the dreaded MIL/CEL or codes), I suggest that the sensor needs re-calibration.

Here's a website linky that has an interesting series of articles for all of us to take into consideration. And if they work/make sense/solve problems, you should dig into the "DIY Tech" articles for more.

I've been fairly outspoken about the benefits of putting an EFIE on upstream o2 sensors, and that fits right in this category of sensor re-calibration. whether you believe it or not, having this knowledge in your arsenal as a gadgetperson will make you a better one overall.
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