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TOPIC: It’s all the little things!

It’s all the little things! 16 Feb 2020 11:52 #1

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This YouTube vid popped up in my feed today, and I believe it deserves sharing. In chasing performance gains, it’s not the result of one specific mod, it’s a combination of all the little mods that contribute to the whole:

It doesn’t matter how you get there, but you won’t arrive at your desired destination if you don’t start with even the smallest of steps! In my case, it was the PCV Reroute and capping that vacuum source. Then I made ignition improvements, then I Grooved it, then I added engine/powertrain surface treatments (like Snake Oil), then it was relocating the MAP sensor and modifying what the computer sees from it, and then I treated the o2 sensor in the same way.
Each step along the way was an improvement, and I’ve not only saved money on fuelling, I’ve given an extended lifespan to this vehicle. These mods have not just helped to save our air but our water and my wallet as well (by lowering the cost of ownership) ...all while making a vehicle much more fun to drive.
Keep these things in mind, new and aspiring Gadgeteers, and dig deeper if you’re not getting the gains you had hoped for. You’ll hit on your magic formula if you keep at it!
Greg Kusiak
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It’s all the little things! 01 Mar 2020 10:08 #2

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Guys, when you fond stuff like this, you could do us ALL a favor. Post a comment with a link to the site so everyone that sees the video has the chance to learn about what we do!

If you DON'T do it, you slow down the expansion of The Groove and actually PROMOTE their ignorance!

Ron Hatton
Developer of The Gadgetman Groove
and Snake Oil-
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