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TOPIC: 2001 chevy tracker

2001 chevy tracker 18 Jul 2013 23:01 #1

  • Hdperf
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My first groove{2.5l v6 auto tracker} Fairly simple TB with a very thick trottle plate 3/16 at least.Future shaping must be done there.I noticed first the smell of exhaust or lack of smell after idling four minutes ,just hot air! The test ride showed some power increase around town The true test is a 1400 hundred foot hill climb to the mountain spring. Normally rockin 55 up the hill turns to 45 then many annoying downshifts later a maggot gaggin smell travels with you until the top pull-off is reached.After the groove rockin 55 up with one downshift at 52 accelerating back to 55 then up shifting to fourth gear with no smell,stink,odor from tailpipe!Bullsh*t right! What to do? Redo! I fill my water jugs {22 gallons}, head down mountain, stop, smell tailpipe again.No smell.Back up hill with the same results with the added weight of water jugs. The next noticeable improvement is cooler operating temps. My mileage report will come soon.

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2001 chevy tracker 19 Jul 2013 13:33 #2

  • Gadgetman
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Since you chose to use a psuedonym, and no one knows who or where you are, I am afraid I'm going to have to ask you to sign your posts so that we can help you more accurately.

You see, while vehicles may operate in different localities, the fuels change from state to state and sometimes from town to town and even (you already know this) from pump to pum!

So give us all a leg up and remember, we are proud to call ourselves "Gadgetmen"!

And those are GREAT RESULTS! Even if you don't get mileage out of it, is your ride HAPPIER?

YOU BETCHA!!! That is what has kept me going all these years with this thing. It's not because the PEOPLE love it (most do). It's because the ENGINES love it!



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2001 chevy tracker 19 Jul 2013 21:16 #3

  • Tracy Gallaway
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Hi Hdperf Welcome to Gadgetmanland :cheer:

to quote a favorite Radio host of mine: Who Dat and where ya At?

And yes those are Fabulous tailpipe and Driveability results, Congratulations! :woohoo:

As I like to say the Groove is good for you Wallet, your Car, and the Air we Breathe. Well you have 2 out of 3 for sure, the clean exhaust effect always jazzes me as much as the other 2!

So could you post any pics of this Tracker, I would love to see more about this one! This one sounds like one all Gadgetmen would love to copy, could you tell us more about how many miles on it, condition, details of what ya did, and so forth.

Oh, and, Where Are You?

Great Start! ;)

Tracy G
Tracy Gallaway
Founder and Constant Aide to Gadgetman
Gadgetman Reno, NV

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