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Talk about the tools we use to give GREAT mileage on engines.
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INFRARED THERMOMETER 03 Jun 2013 11:59 #1

  • GM Tim
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Slowly getting tools together.

Would love a short explanation of why to get an IR Thermometer and how to use it.

Does anyone have a recommendation on a INFRARED THERMOMETER? What brands and parameters to look for?

Thanks Guys!

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INFRARED THERMOMETER 03 Jun 2013 14:41 #2

  • Tracy Gallaway
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Tim I have one a guy gave to me yrs. ago, it's for meas. temp's for Restaurant use, only goes to 5-600 deg. F. Look for one that can go up to 1000 deg. F.

here ya go: Harbor Freight. MAybe there's a cheaper one, dunno. Online Manual says this one goes to 968 deg. F.

Gadgetman use this to check ex. man. temps before/after Groove job. All kinda useful for Mechanic work, check radiator temps, if an exhaust man. port is cooler than others to diagnose how cylinder is running, etc. etc.

Once ya have one, you'll find uses, believe me!

Tracy G
Tracy Gallaway
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