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Talk about the tools we use to give GREAT mileage on engines.
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TOPIC: Knowledge IS Power!

Knowledge IS Power! 07 Jun 2013 14:21 #1

  • Wayne Meador
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I put this post in the "Tools of The Trade" section because the best "Tool" that you can have in your arsenal is your own knowledge!

I'm a huge fan of knowledge and cataloging information (storing it for later use) because it makes life so much easier...and that applies to your Groovin' adventures as well. That said, I'm NOT an expert in auto mechanics or an expert with the ICE however I am rapidly gaining some common sense knowledge in this area since I've been doing the Gadgetman Groove.

One of the ways that I've been acquiring information is to watch videos online and put them away for future recall when needed. I'm also diligently reading through this forum as well as others to build my data bank in my head.

The whole reason that I started this post was to share with you a YouTube channel that I have found HIGHLY VALUABLE!!! Please go and check out Eric The Car Guy on YouTube. Here is his channel. EricTheCarGuy - YouTube I just finished up watching him diagnose an intake manifold gasket leak (HIGHLY APPLICABLE TO US HERE!) on a 1997 Nissan 2.4L car and it was VERY informative.

I seriously recommend you going to his YouTube channel and subscribing so that every time he uploads a new video you get Emailed about that upload and you can go and watch. To make sure you are getting emailed when one of your subscriptions uploads a new video, subscribe to the channel and then go to the "subscriptions" link on the top left. Look through the list (middle) of videos that are from your subscriptions and find a video from the channel that you want new uploads emailed to you. In the top, right of that video (see pic below) there is a little arrow, click on it and check "Get an email for each upload from....". Hope this helps.

Peace n' Love,

Wayne, SC
Gadgetman Carolina's

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Knowledge IS Power! 07 Jun 2013 20:21 #2

  • Tracy Gallaway
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Yup. I agree, Wayne. Eric the Car Guy is a great resource, lots of practical stuff from him!

Thanks, Wayne!

Tracy G
Tracy Gallaway
Founder and Constant Aide to Gadgetman
Gadgetman Reno, NV

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