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TOPIC: Howdy from Texas

Howdy from Texas 11 Sep 2020 22:46 #85

  • Vladimir
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Ron, once me and my friend talked about his car. Engine was running unstable. He has changed many parts but without any result. And then I ask him about sparkplugs and wires. The idea is that now many of us are using new modern silicone wires and sparkplugs with resistors. The total result is very high resistance of wires and a weak spark. (As a rule producers of silicone wires tell us of the problem with worse radio signal.). He replaced his wires from his new and modern silicone to the old-fashioned copper, Wich has nearly zero resistance, and engine began to run much better! Problem was solved.
Ron, what do You think about it?
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Howdy from Texas 11 Sep 2020 23:06 #86

  • GregK
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Radio noise - well, I do know there are still people who listen to AM and FM while driving, but I'd wage there are more people who cruise listening to podcasts and whatever else they have on their phone/tablet/ipod/memory stick than the radio...so that argument will go the way of the dinosaur soon enough. Bigger, fatter, stronger sparks will ALWAYS make for a better, more efficient engine, so unless AND until we have good reasons that actually make sense to NOT use them, I vote for proper wires and plugs.
Greg Kusiak
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Howdy from Texas 12 Sep 2020 08:20 #87

  • Ron Hatton
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Hey, Vlad.

There's actually quite a few ways to stabilize the spark levels and increase the power delivered to your spark plugs. The first and best is to ensure as little degradation of the current prior to hitting the spark plug tip. This, your friend has done.

The second (I wrote a paper on this, Tuning Your Spark Plugs for Maximum Power (PDF) | Welcome to Gadgetman Land! is to simply increase the gap on your plugs. This will allow maximum spark intensity at the spark tip. For example, I'm working on a 1600 series VW that's been worked on by some monkey mechanics.

Maximum ALLOWED gap is 0.028", with many only allowing 0.026" (points systems). This one I now have gapped at 0.050" and the emissions and power improvements were very noticeable. Top end increased from max of 60 mph on gravel roads to over 75.

I won't go into how I stopped it from throwing oil, I'll just let you guess on that one!

Third is to add a little plasma to the mix. While the word sounded like ancient Greek to me for many years, I have now come to understand plasma to be the result of coinciding magnetic fields (caused by current flow through conductive materials) resonating one with the other, multiplying the product geometrically.

There is a wonderfully simple and inexpensive way to do this, but it might be a little awkward. And all you need are a few dollars worth of parts and maybe a solder gun or crimping tool.

If you perform a search for the terms "Tesla Ignition" on YT, you'll find dozens of other ways to super-charge your ignition. One is simply wrapping the wire with aluminum tape! How cool is THAT???

Now guys, I've learned what I've learned by doing research and by virtue of my friends (many of you here) who call me with their discoveries. And I love that, so keep digging, and KEEP SHARING! After all, knowledge that isn't shared dies when you do. So, when you find something of value in your life remember there are others suffering the same problem, so tell SOMEONE about it!

Trust me. It's a very rewarding way to live...

Ron Hatton
Developer of The Gadgetman Groove
and Snake Oil-https://SnakeOil.wtf/?wpam_id=1

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