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It's not ALL about The Gadgetman Groove, either! Many posts deal with things like adding HHO or even adding Plasma to your gasoline engines!
Curious as to what others have found with The Gadgetman Groove on similar vehicles? Search here by Manufacturer and/or application.
Ford (141 topics) General Motors (151 topics) Dodge (73 topics) Foreign Manufactured (182 topics) Performance and Mileage Reports (5 topics) Carbureted Vehicles (26 topics)
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Re: No Mileage Change? New Approach
by GregK
24 Aug 2019 11:03
We encourage new members to post a short introduction of themselves in this forum category. Get to know each other and share common interests.
110 Topics 599 Replies
Re: Hello from below—Subaru feedback
by GregK
31 Jul 2019 11:40
This forum is for people interested and participating in the Personal License Program. Discuss issues, questions and provide answers to one another.
84 Topics 486 Replies
Re: Where to cut The Groove
by Ron Hatton
17 Aug 2019 17:27
This is for all Industrial and Recreational applications for the Gadgetman Groove.
Generators to Snowmobiles to Golf Carts to Chain Saws and all other gasoline engines not used for travel over the road.
36 Topics 155 Replies
This is where we discuss our discoveries and how to solve various issues.
73 Topics 344 Replies
This is where we go to tell everyone about the help we've received from our brothers in Gadgetman Land! Share you love freely, and let the world know when someone has gone above and beyond the call of duty.
16 Topics 71 Replies
Ron on Sarah Westall's youtube podcast 8/31/18
by Tracy Gallaway
01 Sep 2018 00:04
This is where we can discuss things like spark plugs, PCV valve devices, interaction with HHO/HHN, moth balls or whatever tricks we have for increasing mileage.
197 Topics 1256 Replies
Before posting service issues here, please visit and review all posts from #1 through the latest to cover all the basics. THEN, if you're still having issues, POST AWAY!
35 Topics 108 Replies
Re: Old school Ignition video from UTG
by GregK
10 Aug 2019 12:14
Here we can discuss all the tools we need to
A) Get The Groove in successfully (epoxies, gasket makers, lubes and whatever else you find helps)
B) Give even MORE mileage to the cars and engines on which we work.
46 Topics 334 Replies
Re: Your Groovy tool setup
by Preston
11 Jun 2019 02:11
Open discussions about anything related to fuel efficiency and The Gadgetman Groove processes.
10 Topics 60 Replies
Mike Holler Articles
by GregK
20 Jul 2019 14:07

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Everything about improving fuel efficiency and fuel economy is discussed here.
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