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Talk about the tools we use to give GREAT mileage on engines.


MPG Remedy 24 Jan 2020 04:03 #169

  • GregK
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This concoction worked best for me in the warmer weather, and I found that the aspirin dissolved more quickly/easily/completely when I used a few drops of 35% peroxide instead of the alcohol, which I believe was just the carrier.
Greg Kusiak
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MPG Remedy 25 Jan 2020 17:02 #170

  • kman
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I may be wrong since its been years on this issue but I thought I remember you saying that it may not have been damage to the seals but that aspirin may have worked as a surfactant too well and that the seals may have leaked because of the viscosity of the gas being changed.
Even though breaking surface tension and changing viscosity are two different things somehow I got this idea in my head that you surmised the leak being attributed to thinning gas with the MPG remedy.
Have stopped with the MPG formula years ago because I didn't see any difference but that could have been my old stubborn vehicle.
As you know it seemed like nothing worked for increasing MPG on that mule and success ranges from vehicle to vehicle.
Will think of trying this again with my newer vehicle.
Please correct me on this if I am off so I remember correctly

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MPG Remedy 25 Jan 2020 22:51 #171

  • Tracy Gallaway
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Well, Kman, your mermory is perhaps sharper than mine! I feel oddly honored that you should remember my comments from several years ago.:blush:

What I remember happened on my Weber DGEV carb, was two kinds of failures. Both that of gasket seepage, and a tear in the accelerator pump diaphragm.

I believe that I had mixed the MPGR with too much Anaprin aspirin crystals. I bought and used the Anaprin since it is pure aspirin, but it's harder to measure a correct amount. It's much easier to just count aspirin tablets, but there remained the idea of impurities with the un-coated aspirin, at least to me.

I do have a digital scale, so I will try to use it to weigh out the right amount of Anaprin when I re-try using MPGR on my '02 Subaru Outback. I still hesitate to re-introduce it in Subie, my '85 Subaru w/ the Weber carb.

I'm glad you helped me remember about MPG Remedy, Kman!:)

Tracy G
Tracy Gallaway
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